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TX 1000

The New TX1000 is here!!

See why the Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loader is Minneapolis Park & Rec's favorite tool!

The Toro Dingo System

If you're considering a Toro Dingo system, then you're thinking about buying the most versatile machine on the planet! The Toro Dingo, a "must have" tool for landscaping, lets you power through your toughest creation and enhancement projects. With this turf-friendly machine, you don't have to worry about damaging existing landscape on the way to your job.
If you want to talk to me, the Dingo Man, or get a demo, give me a call at 720-641-3880. I know more about the Toro Dingo machine than anyone. I've got lots of satisfied customers and I can answer all of your questions. I'm also the only Toro Rental Representative PLUS Toro Company Contractor Sales Representative in the same building in Colorado and Wyoming!
Toro Dingo Benefits:
- With ground pressure to as low as 3.4 psi, this machine can go places only a shovel could go before!
- It's width of only 33.7 inches lets you get through gates and doors!
- Lift over 1,000 lbs with just one lever and do more with fewer people!
- Change an attachment in less than one minute so you can get more work done in your day!
The Toro Dingo, it's all about productivity!

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